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New Player and Subreddit!

The new player is now online with tons of new features like zooming, changing volume, fullscreen, scrolling, background, etc. It should perform much better than the old one (can anyone confirm that it is indeed smoother than V2?).

A few bugs are still left but it should sound 99% like V2 for most songs. Also this run on V3 engine so expect a Closed Beta for Mods (and a few members) very soon and for everyone else, you'll be able to listens to their songs until the release which will be very soon too.

You can also embed songs everywhere on the site using the Notessimo BBCode:

Or pasting the link without any format:

Also I created a Subreddit for Notessimo, I thought it could be a great place to submit songs from the site so if you are interested check it out! If any of you want to be mods on the subreddit, just send me a pm and I'll see.

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OMG. To be the first commenter while being so ded. lol.\

Oh btw this is bootiful.

Well after listening to a song that used to make me lag and receiving no lag I can confirm the performance increase,

I'm sorry to sound like a smart alec & it's not my intent, but what really is your intent of the subreddit? It really looks like all you can do is post the songs from this website to there, which seems rather pointless since every song is posted here anyways. & it's a small community, so everyone sees everything.


Unless you are trying to help spread the word through the power of reddit, or have some other reason, i'd love to know.


Anyways, loving the V3 player though, can't wait for V3 itself.

With V3 the community will grow and with the influx of new songs there might be some gems that will be easily missed, the Subreddit provide a new way to promote your songs and browse them. The browse section of the site is pretty basic, on reddit you can get the most upvoted of the day / month / year, etc. and this will help with the promotion of the website itself.

Lovely! Although with the new style I think the instruments look a bit odd. Probably because it has a very clean style but the instruments look quite realistic. Of course I'm sure whatever is decided for the V3 composer will look great. Not sure what Remix! is for either - details?

Remix will allow you to open / import the file directly in the V3 composer window.

I knew it. I knew there's gonna be a Closed Beta. I have good plans for the multiple sheet feature...

Yay for Closed Beta <3 ♪♫

Some instruments just sound wierd :S

Some instruments just sound wierd :S

Yes I am working toward making sure that all V2 instruments sounds the same in the new player, however V3 will have all new instruments so you can use the "Old Player" until those issues are resolved.

Make the sharps/flats visible.


I don't even f#@$% have it yet!!!!! >:(