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Youtube Video Test

New video exporter plus WAV / MP3 / HDD save.


Woooooooah my god that is sick awesome. You are awesome Starbust.

Does it cover the whole stave, though? It looks like it misses a bit at the top and a bit more at the bottom. Then again you basically need a 720p video to cover the whole thing, and the 480p takes a long time to encode as it is (I'm testing it myself now).

Also, is the "Open in new window" feature going to be back for version 3.0? I can't compose in that diddly little frame. :(
Until the open window is back you can open this page.
I still can't share a song I arranged the last year in the old version. It says that an error has ocurred when I try to share, and my song won't appear in the new version of Notessimo
Yeah, i get the same problem, its weird because you see other people posting to the right. but like windows, each new system has its bugs, and they get squashed eventually
...oh hey, that's my song! Thanks, Starburst. :)
This is amazing! Thanks so much, still wondering how exactly it works, but who cares? It works!
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Wow that's crazy! If only they had used one of my few (unpublished) songs. ;)
(continued from last post)
sorry for double posting, but I forgot to say, EPIC SONG!
who made this?! i wanna try making something like this!