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  1. Breaking The Sky's Limit [Still Unfinished]

    I continued onto it :D

    The following is copy pasted from the previous version of this song to avoid confusion:

    Before anyone starts some sort of controversial accusitions.
    -This is an alteration of Aliens Exist's "Sky's The Limit" (A song based off of the main melody)
    -I have asked for and received permission to do so.
    -The base melody and all of sheets 0 and 1 are solely made by Aliens Exist I am merely developing it into a rock/metal song and adding bass :3

    (Also i missed a crash cymbal hit on sheet 24)

  2. Volcano

    Carrot/ALI=3NS Collab

  3. Happy Birthday, Alien

    Original one is from Tim Verbist, I just added more drums to it (CUZ I'M ADDICTED TO ZEM!). Hope you enjoy, and Happy (late) Birthday, Alien!

  4. 강남스타일 (Collab)

    WHEEEEEE! Sorry that I completely changed it.... 3: Hope you like it though!!! I mean that to AE.

    Make sure you put in full screen for sheet 5!!!! You'll enjoy it!

  5. Super Collab!

    In my defense, I wasn't left in a place I could thrive. But in a way i established a chorus

  6. Bangarang!

    BASS.  BANG!  ...well at least something like it.  This is just a teaser.

    This is totally inspired by Aliens Exist's version.  (I owe it all to you, buddy!  Lol.  That was awkward.)

    The part of the song right now is the second drop.  :3  It's my favorite part.  I really don't know how I'm gonna do the very end of the song were Sirariahriha or whatever her name is saying something about beats at coming out the back of her toy car and eating fun dip right now and not giving a--

    So anyways, here's the teaser! ;)

  7. Sorry For Nothing

    It's finally finished. After 3 days of work I can finally call this masterpiece complete.

    This is my longest notessimo song yet, surpassing my previous record longest song being Inner Sanctum by 7 minutes and excluding Venture which went for 11 minutes because that wasn't completely written by me.

    It got laggy in the player a lot. Made my job way harder than it had to be...

  8. Haunted House: GET OUT!

    A song that both al13nz_3x15t_=3 and I worked on. Hope you like it!