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  1. ceremony

    inspired by Chromatics cover of New Order's Ceremony
    there was no post punk or synthpop section so i put it in goth

  2. 2 and a half minutes of some gosh dang riffs

    now with added noise!

    extra riffs included!

  3. the gates of bigboy

    trve drone
    yes its supposed to be muffled

  4. bean'd

    yes i am warning that this is a bean
    so turn down your volume or up if u want to get beaned
    this is just a disclaimer because this is a quality shitpost pls don't delete

  5. Community Collab 2017 Apocopart

    little did you know i can't actually make music

    so i don't know if i did a bad thing by making my part so long and drawn out still under a megabyte addition, feel free to cut it down, in half, completely remove it idc up to you.

    i also done broke the rules by adding a fade in cymbal to the end of RR's part

    i pass the torch to you w0lfe, i'm a toilet

  6. Medicine of Patience

    ... is what you're going to need to listen to this song.

    first song i've made in a while

  7. I feel it

    I Feel The Dark
    from Heritage

    Short snippet

  8. Trap

    hardest trap eve

  9. A Trip to Nowhere

    Here's a thing.

    Made this real quick, not the best thing ever but I thought i'd upload it anyway.

    Was planning to make it longer, but i didn't have any more ideas.

    This was influenced by a lot of early post-rock.

  10. happy MC Ride tsudank

    why did i waste my time with this

    answer me stefan

    i'd put the pene as the background but it's too big boy for you

  11. cool song title

    I finished this a couple months ago and I'm starting on my second song in FL along with this one.
    The first few minutes is just random poop but after that it is much better.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  12. Ants of the Sky |Snippet|

    a quick cover that took me a few hours over a few days for some reason.
    Anyway, I really like this quieter, more melodic part of the song, Ants of the Sky, from my current favorite album Colors, by Between the Buried & Me

    Also an update about me: I've been doing some FL stuff and started two new songs and I probably wont be making stuff on Notessimo quite as often because of school and FL.
    original song:

  13. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

    So... as the title suggests, this song repeats off of the same riff, building up each time it goes over again.

    Tell me what you think!

  14. Happily Doomed

    so here's my new song.
    This is probably the fastest I've ever made a song, about 4-5 days of working like 1-2 hours a day.
    So again, not much of a song rather it is a bunch of ideas put together.
    So tell me what you think of my SECOND v3 song.

    the background was taken by me and edited with my compy

  15. New Song yay

    So I started another song in v3

    whoops uploaded the wrong file
    EDIT: Okay now it's the correct file

  16. Freakin heavy

    Another snippet of a song which i find to have on of the frickin heaviest riffs.
    I'm lovin it

  17. Geriro

    So here is my new song using v3!!!11!one!!!11
    this is pretty much a collection of ideas put together
    So this counts as my first finished v3 song even though it doesn't have much of a structure...
    tell me what you think!

    I also fixed the problem where I couldn't upload from yesterday; I needed to delete some of the unused samples i imported

  18. Reverb Test Thing

    so i covered this riff and tried to add a reverb type of thing like it is in the song, also the sound effects in this cover are not like the ones in the original song
    So if there was a way to do reverb without doing a stupid thing like this, then I would like to know.
    and yeah i know the effect doesnt work that well
    And should i cover the whole song (if somebody guesses it)?

  19. Geriro

    So here's what i've come up with so far since the last update.
    This is pretty much just a collection of ideas stamped together.
    I know the transitions aren't that great.
    So any criticism would be appreciated.

  20. Starting my first actual v3 song yay

    Who would've guessed that i did some metal.

  21. Opeth - Famine (Heavy riff loop)

    yay more metal.
    The most evil sounding riff ever.
    The drums are all over the place tho so yea it's just me messing with v3 again.
    I alsot didn't do the awesome flute solo :/

    edit: currently fixing a bug thing so pls wait
    edit2: FIXED

  22. Creepy Song

    Another shot at messing with v3
    I made this about a week ago but I forgot to post it.
    I might make an actual song soon.