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  1. Moth Into Flame (W.I.P)

    a work in progress

  2. Boom-Bap

    90s boom bap type beat

  3. Rap beattttt

    FL wasn't working so I'm making beats here lol

    • Jan 14 2017 04:17 PM
    • by D2sco
  4. Intro to my own album

    decided to make my own album since no one wants to make one for me, I call this track Windows Open

    This Aint No Background Music
    Track 1: Windows open (Intro)
    Track 2:???
    Track 3:???
    Track %:???

    and so on.

  5. Drank

    Ye my FL isn't workin so that's what's up with all the beats

  6. Brick$

    How is it?

  7. I'm Bool

    Slap bass sounds off but you know I don't polish things like at all so here it is fam

  8. Where2Go2Now?

    Good or nah?

  9. The Six

    Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap.... trap

  10. Sedated Trance

    This drank got me heavy...

  11. Baby making music

    *eggplant emoji*
    *water squirt emoji*

  12. Im stumped

    I Dont know what else this beat needs beside a bass line. I need some ideas

  13. East Coast rap beat

    Havent posted in awhile but i been learning some music theory so here you go

  14. The Cut

    Rap beat I made. Like it??

  15. Trap Trap Trap

    Little beat again

  16. Livin' in da Funk City

    Funky little beat

  17. A Little Beat

    IDK, how is it?

  18. Zooms

    Does anybody know where I can get some Zooms?

  19. Emergency Dial

    A simple little beat I made.

    So... peace

  20. West Coast style beat #2

    cool smooth rap beat

  21. Rythym.

    Its an elongated version of my song, "A start of a beat." There is really nothing much more to say about it but its improved.