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  1. The Critical Blow

    Part of a mini series I'm doing I guess now

  2. Hemlyone the Dwarf Lord

    Fixed it, made a new s6, improved s1 copy

  3. Hemlyone the Dwarf Lord (Missing S6)

    Another metal one, better or worse?

  4. Guitarless Death Metal

    You can

    • Add guitars
    • Rework track
    • Post it
    • Must be credited with my name as Orig.creator

    • Mar 24 2016 05:34 AM
    • by Jason
  5. My Immortal Flesh

    Death Metal!!! :evil: Anyone going to see Cannibal Corpse???

  6. Every Tech Death Song

    WARNING: Don't get butthurt. It's a joke, and Tech Death is one of my favorite genres ever

    stay tech!

  7. pile of crap song

    I was bored, so I experimented with things.

  8. what do you think

    I need to finish my songs, but it's more fun to start. what do you think?

  9. Muay Thai

    A song for the greatest martial art ever, Muay Thai. And also for the greatest genre ever THRASH!!!


  10. Death Mountain (Link to the Past)

    Yay, triplets!

    Edit 1: Fixed the strings.
    Edit 2: Fixed the ending so it doesn't just cut off.
    Edit 3: Added snare drums.

    • Mar 04 2014 01:45 PM
    • by Mint
  11. Caffeine Overdose

    This is an extreme metal song i've been making for about month now, hope you like it.

  12. Brutal Eradication

    Some brutal death metal/grindcore song i made when i was bored :-D


  13. Simplified "Death Waltz" or something like that... - John Stump

    (`-`) More than a minute of this song.
    (`-`) Still unfinished, yet to be completed.

    Credits to Jeffrey Zhou for sheet music.
    Credits to John Stump for this... Thing...

  14. Death Beckons (Shadowgate)

    My take on the game over theme for the NES game Shadowgate.

  15. An other addition to the shorts

    Well... there was a mistake in the middle, I changed it but forgot to edited it here.

  16. DEMO! please critique

    This is another idea I had please tell me what you think so I can improve
    pumpkinsandtears (rnote)

  17. Death Waltz -__-

    It's the end of it.