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  1. Sword Play

    6 and a half minutes of pure madness.
    Pretty happy with how this one turned out - probably one of my favorite things I made here on Notessimo. The first iteration of this project was made in may 2016, so the track has been 4 years in the making.
    I labeled the sections in case Kraw or Star want to bless me with one of their reviews.
    Cheers, and enjoy! :)

  2. Empty Space

    Tried a more minimalistic approach with this one. Wanted to give the impression of vast, empty space or something.
    Cheers, and enjoy!

    Edit- Hearing it in the player it seems like a few of the sounds are kinda off-time. I would suggest listening in the composer for the intended timing.

  3. Abandoned DnB project 02

    Another abandoned dnb project. I like the piano melody but i just cant be bothered.

  4. Abandoned DnB project 01

    Chances are slim I'll ever work further on this although i do like the atmosphere.

  5. Cave Story - Last Battle Remix

    First song I made with Notessimo.

    I had the idea to make a rock remix of the Last Battle theme from Cave Story, but I didn't want to use any program I should pay for to use them. Then, I discovered Notessimo, so I though this was the opportunity to remake most of the songs I have in mind.

    Made by SupraTheHedgehog.

    I hope you like it. :D

  6. Synapse

    Wanted to make something using the organ.

  7. Sword Play WIP

    Not a lot changed, but i did make some improvements. I made some additions to the bassline, and the result is probably one of my favorite basslines i made on notessimo (although i still plan to change it ever so slightly). There is some issues i plan to change, such as some of the sword sample volume levels and adding some variation in the percussion.
    Oh, and i increased the volume on the sub bass.

    ANYWAY! I want to hear what you guys think of the direction this is heading as i probably wont post it again before it's done:)

  8. MvP

    Something a little different

  9. Sword Play WIP

    A WIP of a track I'm working on. A lot of work went into this and a lot of work is still needed if I want to finish this motherfucker (which I do indeed intend to do). The drop and onwards is where I'm currently focusing my work. Everything except the sword sound (which is actually a few different samples), is made with the notessimo v3 standard instruments.

  10. Random Drum n' Bass #5

    A bit of fun experimenting with some kind of sitar melody:)

  11. The Tarrasque Rises

    Aight, it's done. Thanks to Star for helping me proofread the lyrics.

    (The file is somewhat large so it might take a moment or two to load)

    Thanks for the feature!

  12. Jig 2

    Jig 2
    *base and snare will be added later

  13. The Tarrasque Rises

    Aight, so the part before the drop is probably gonna go through some tweaks to spice things up a tad. Nothing mayor, just some this and that to create some variation.

    ANYWAY! Here's some more drum n' bassy goodness for ya'll to enjoy! Shoutout to StarwarsXD aka Lesser Dog for proofreading the lyrics.


  14. The Tarrasque Rises

    An intro to something I have been planing to make in forever. No idea how, when, or if it'll be done.

  15. Test

    This is my first song, also a test. I just figured out and experimented with what I could  do here for this song so it probably doesn't sound that good.

  16. The Mist Disappears

    This is a calm music, and a listening with moderation!
    I had never used this guitar too, but now I fell in love <3.
    Music by Idea, I hope you will like!


    • Apr 17 2015 01:04 PM
    • by Idea
  17. Another Drum loop test

    One word, I used 600 BpM.
    I was bored so I made another test.
    Hope you liked this.

    • Apr 17 2015 08:59 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  18. A Drum loop test(or is it?)

    Some testing. Tell me what you think.

    • Apr 13 2015 10:51 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  19. Rythym.

    Its an elongated version of my song, "A start of a beat." There is really nothing much more to say about it but its improved.

  20. Underlord - Drum Song

    My third real song!

    Just experimenting with drums!

    • Dec 28 2014 05:06 PM
    • by ~Star~ is dumb -___-
  21. Underlord - Robot Groove

    My first real song. :)


    Feedback please.

    • Dec 18 2014 05:37 PM
    • by ~Star~ is dumb -___-
  22. What I've done drum part only

    I cant work my messenger, but oh well. here's how the drums really are!

  23. What I've done drum part only

    I cant work my messenger, but oh well. here's how the drums really are!

  24. Drumstep :3

    DubDrumstep !

    • Jun 29 2014 08:52 AM
    • by Idea