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  1. Drum test I

    just a little thing based off of a non-notessimo program song I made

  2. WIP [WIP]

    This is about the best I can do with drums

  3. A little thing I made up, and a little thing I didn't.

    you know, I still don't see the bell of a ride cymbal as an option... that's sad....

  4. Another Drum loop test

    One word, I used 600 BpM.
    I was bored so I made another test.
    Hope you liked this.

    • Apr 17 2015 08:59 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  5. Underlord - Drum Song

    My third real song!

    Just experimenting with drums!

    • Dec 28 2014 05:06 PM
    • by ~Star~ is dumb -___-
  6. Dubstep Edition


    thanks :)

    • Jun 18 2014 01:58 PM
    • by Idea
  7. Psycho Power

    New song. I suck at guitar solos, okay? Tell me what ya think.

  8. Southbound Winds

    A slower song I wrote. I hope you enjoy! Leave some positive, constructive criticism if you want so I can get better!

  9. King Dedede Theme (Rock Version)

    Kind Dedede's theme that has a hard rock twist to it, threw in a clean electric guitar and an overdrive guitar -- bam!

  10. Aphex Twin - Flim (drums)

    Just the first 4 bars of Flim on drums.

  11. The Executioner Pt. 1 & 2

    Posting my newest 2 parted song, hope you like it and don't get bored! :D
    (pdrum) Inspired by the new Dream Theater album..
    #Use Old Player

  12. The Last Hope

    A metalcore song made by me. :)

    I know the song title is crappy, but i didn't come up with better.

  13. Nightmare now with vocals

    This is what i could get on the vocals. Go easy on me. If someone wants to help me complete this PLEASE dont hesitate to ask. PLEASE. :)

  14. Nightmareby Avenged sevenfold

    Updated chorus, adding of the harmony guitar parts, still no vocals :(
    Hope you enjoy its still unfinished

  15. Redemption

    Gatta respect #32 <3

  16. Dinner For the Wicked

    Possibly unfinished, it's only 2 minutes long. I don't know if i should leave it or add on.

  17. Grab your Weapons!

    New song! :D Enjoy,and Comment!

  18. Boom Bammin

    Finally done after long hours of work. Hope more people listen to my songs soon so i can get some more views. For the people who do listen, hope ya like!
    (pdrum)  (pguitar)  (cguitar) = (rock)  (hlisten)  :-o  :huh:  and occasionally  :cry:

  19. Chasing Dreams(FINISHED)

    It's done! :D im happy that i have composed that song.I hope you guys like it!Enjoy! :)

  20. Chasing Dreams(UNFINISHED)

    New song on it's way!I just don't have enough time to finish it now ^ ^"
    but i will...:D