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  1. The Grand Finale

    I've done a bit more experimenting with this cover. I hope you like it.

  2. Yet to be named original composition (unfinished)

    I've stated before that I'm not the best with original composition. Despite this, I had created this a few months ago. This was, again, for my TV Production class, but is since going unused. I may finish this in the months to come, but as of how, here's a good chunk of it (of which is not out of order this time).

  3. Epic Sax Guy

    That's how you sax, bro.

  4. big Z (v.1)

    almost done with my second version. if anyone wants to o their own work on this, just copy the file below

  5. Daybreak

    An abandoned project, I decided to continue, I found it interesting!

    • Oct 27 2015 07:25 PM
    • by Idea
  6. Castlevania medley

    I am a huge Castlevania fan, and this is my cover of NES-SNES era Castlevania games remixed with metal.

    I just kept the title simple, cause it's freaking CASTLEVANIA!

    Note: This is quite lenghty, epic 9 minute song, so prepare yourself

    To get the best sound quality, use the old player. Other players mess up the sound

  7. Tomorrow Reborn

    Here, a second music, I wanted to try the ''Epic'' on Notessimo ..

    • Aug 09 2015 02:58 PM
    • by Idea
  8. Extinction (Preview)

    Made in V2 (You should also use the old player)
    Might have to abandon this purely because of the lag it produces in V2 full screen; definitely regretting hyper-speed at this point.
    (...and i'm not swapping to legacy cause it kills the song)

    Regardless; enjoy :D

  9. Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Road

    Helpful Hint #65: Use headphones to improve your Notessimo experience.

  10. Rythym.

    Its an elongated version of my song, "A start of a beat." There is really nothing much more to say about it but its improved.

  11. A start of a beat (you can use it)

    This is a starting of a rythym that you can use in your own songs (please give credit though)  :razz:  :razz:

  12. Overture (improved AGAIN)

    im updating it bit by bit

  13. Attempt at New Divide(Unfinished, 2nd Reprise)

    Open to collabs with the public.

    Criticisms please about chords, synths, and how I can use better guitars and rhythm!

    Thanks! And oh, help me with the chorus parts(with the voals of chester yelling)!

    • Jan 12 2015 02:32 PM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  14. Mario Paint (SMW overworld)

    The first default song from Mario Paint for the SNES


  15. Had to miss Woodworking too! :(

    My Inspirations:

    Covers of What I've Done byMe, Fran5, Ace1257, and Verbist.

    Fran5's Eye of the Tiger.

    Verbist's I have to miss woodworking again cover.

    New Divide cover by Ace1257 .

    This is a pile of crap cover I made.

    enjoy! :)

    • Nov 21 2014 11:54 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  16. Stringing Voices

    Mhh.. Hi :3

    • Jun 07 2014 06:38 AM
    • by Idea
  17. Zangief's Theme

    Zangief's theme from street fight 2. Enjoy

  18. Lost Painting/different version

    Lost Painting with a different spin on it.

  19. Walk in the night

    My first Song. It's not that great.

  20. TUBULAR BELLS (exorcist theme)

    The exorcist theme Tubular Bells. I hope you like (rnote)  it (used the music note as a ``d``) (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)

  21. Enter the Arena

    A progressive tune I made. Let me know how it is.


    I MADE THIS SO LIKE (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  (ninja)  :?:  :!:  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (rnote)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)  (singer2)

  23. The Efflorescing Dragon

    This is probably the peak of my inspiration for the year xD
    Enjoy...thoroughly :)

    Also, the start is supposed to be think twice before cranking your volume.

    Please use the old player. (The new player seems to make the song lose any power...which is kinda necessary being metal)

    EDIT: I did fix up the start ages ago but i forgot to change it, so I've done that now (the start is now louder).