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  1. Uhh Yeah This Is V2 I Guess

    i wish i could make a real song but i can only make bad

  2. Bop


  3. Manual Echo

    This is another project that i had done before, but I added a bunch more to it and basically fleshed out the idea more. :)

  4. actual real song

    actual real song by karots

    So yeah uhh, apparently I reworked this a little bit while Notessimo was doing the ol' ghost.

  5. The doomed song

    I realized I fucked something stupid up and honestly don't know what else I'd do to this so umm
    I know it sucks this time

  6. Who needs V3 when you got MARRY-O PAIN (T)

    alternate title: minimum effort shitposting

  7. Death by Poor Transcription Remix -| FINALLY DONE |-

    I finally finished it, even though it wasn't missing much
    criticize harshly
    Update 1: Added some stuff to the newer sheets

  8. I can only do loops I guess

    oh well it's fun

  9. The Terrible Loop

    umm yeah I'm not dead and here's this

  10. The loop of greatness

    honestly not sure what's up here man

  11. Piano Revival

    hello I'm still here but I completely forgot to do stuff

  12. Drum test I

    just a little thing based off of a non-notessimo program song I made

  13. I'm not dead

    I'm not dead, just terribly lazy
    also lot of unfinished songs that will never be anywhere close to finished. probably won't even upload them

  14. Teh Loop

    'tis mostly a test for percussion

  15. Stuff

    This is Stuff, I guess....
    Critique this as if you hate it (be harsh here pls)

  16. Hi again

    on Spring Break now so hi I haven't been on for a few days

  17. WIP [WIP]

    This is about the best I can do with drums

  18. Genre Dissonance

    Inspired by Dre
    Edit: title was wrong