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    people still do this right

  2. surprise bitch

    i'm apparently releasing one song a year now


  3. NEW SONG 2015

    I spent a lot of time on this. I hope you like it!

  4. All of the Lights (Video Intro)

    Why yes, the first song I post in over a month IS a half-assed cover. No, I'm not apologizing.
    Expect A Cleverly Titled Song next! maybe...


  5. Madness

    Guess who's back,
    Back again?
    leife's back.
    Tell a friend.

    And he's done
    With that song
    He's been covering
    For too long.

  6. Una Canzone per il Debole [SCRAPPED]

    A song for the weak.
    Next song will be Madness, I promise.
    Non voglio morire.
    Io non svaniscono.
    Posso non essere forte,
    Posso non essere coraggioso, e non voglio uscire indenne,

    ma non voglio morire,
    e io non sono il tipo a svanire.
    Posso essere debole
    (almeno nei tuoi occhi), ma sono sicuro come l'inferno disposti a provare.

  7. A Cleverly Titled Song {UNFINISHED}

    Minecraft Noob made a song, so I expanded on it.

  8. Bass Cannon (COVER)

    I still have a few things to fix, but tell me what you think so far!

  9. Madness (Muse cover) {UPDATE #2}

    Changed the tempo, fixed the drums, added the guitar solo.
    This is the most unnecessary update ever.

  10. Madness (Muse cover) {UPDATE #1}

    Wow, halfway done in one update? I thought this would be HARD!


    I fucked up somewhere, didn't I?

  11. When We Don't Understand {UNFINISHED}

    I need some time to figure out what to put next, so have an unfinished song

    PS: If you have a Soundcloud, follow this: https://soundcloud.c...icial-notessimo

  12. Bloody Tears Remix (COLLAB, PLEASE!)

    I need someone to collab with on this song. Any takers?

  13. Notessimedley

    I decided to copy TRB and do a sort of "Best of Notessimo" song that I didn't call "Best of Notessimo" because I included myself in there.

    Sheet 0: To Eloquently Splatter Upon The Face Of Modulation by DarkChameleon/Hypo
    The opening to this song is so awesome that I swear I'm gonna learn it on actual guitar one day.

    Sheet 1: Carrot Medley by Carrot/THEFinalBoss
    It's no secret that carrot's awesome and I love his music. So, I couldn't just pick ONE of his songs to include here! Enjoy a mash-up of three of his most famous: Acceleration of the Unhurried, Emotion, and All Night.

    Sheet 3: The Extreme by Jollabollathan
    Who DOESN'T love this song? It's EXTREMEly good, EXTREMEly interesting, and probably took EXTREMEly long to make.

    Sheet 4: Why... by Tsukasa (or Moderator or DOG or whatever they go as now)
    I remember one day when I just listened to this loop for like 4 times in a row and STILL didn't get tired of it. I just love this song.

    Sheet 5: On the Moon by Roastmasters
    See my explanation for The Extreme and add some space related puns.

    Sheet 6: One Day by leifeday (that name looks familiar for some reason...)
    OKAY, I ADMIT IT! I added one of my own songs in here because I love the way I ended it. So what?

    Just because I didn't add you song doesn't mean it isn't awesome. Some notable examples include any of CtelinAjira's songs, Rain by StarWars -XD-, and the Community Collab which all didn't make the cut for one reason or another. I love you all! Bye.

  14. Some Chords and a Melody

    Added a melody and some other bits to: http://www.notessimo...e-chords-r70975 by leifeday.  

    Short little thing I made in about ten minutes or so.  It was fun.

    Hope you enjoy it...

  15. Some Chords

    What were you expecting? deadmau5? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  16. Discord {UPDATE #2}

    Small, but necessary. I'm not giving up on this one!

    PS: Even if the skies get rough.

  17. So Far {COMPLETE}

    This took way to long to make.

  18. So Far {UPDATE #1}

    Just a little something I've been working on.

    PS: Forum isn't updated yet, so...

  19. Discord (COVER) {Update #1}

    The lead-up to the verse is done!

    PS:Unless you want me to change anything...

    PPS:Almost forgot!

  20. Note of Notes {Night of Nights Remix}

    Voila, 'tis done. Now bask in its glory.

    PS: Wow, how will I ever top THIS?

  21. Note of Notes {Night of Nights Remix} (Update #2)

    Made this in a few hours. It's almost done, the ending just needs to be added.

    PS: You know, this wasn't too hard. I'm starting to wonder why I didn't do this earlier.

  22. Yes/No [REMASTERED]

    And then Jesse had to remaster the remastered version because he forgot something.

    PS: And now back to Note of Notes!

  23. Disconnected (COVER)

    This is why I don't cover things by ear.


  24. Notessimo 2012 Commuinity Collab {UPDATE #4}

    I still think it should be the 2013 community collab...

    PS: Thanks for letting me be a part of this!