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  1. Bop


  2. Fruitcake

    Finally found a use for that gorgeous minor second pickup bar.

    Have a nice day.

    • Jul 20 2020 06:27 PM
    • by Muci
  3. Tranquil Drive

    Just another odd time signature loop.

    Have a nice day.

    • May 30 2020 09:33 PM
    • by Muci
  4. Ootheca Seductor With Fun

    entertaining funny bones


    A loop i made based on a joke about one of my girlfriends friends. There's a bunch of random ass voice clips in there pitched down to fit the mood. Cheers!

  6. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Loop)

    I tried putting the main melody over this, but it sounded off, so here's a loop instead :)

  7. Drum Battle Music

    A short loop of battle music using drums

  8. U.N. Owen was Her?

    Honestly the most difficult and painful part of this was pitchbending in Audacity using the Paulstretch feature and an equation I crafted to determine where I should start each stretch to make it a perfect quadratic curve. And timescaling was not too nice to me either, it likes to cut off the ends of sheets lol

    Finally tho I've been wanting to finish this song since 2010, only took another Notessimo and 15 RECOVERY's

    • Feb 18 2017 01:11 AM
    • by ~Star~
  9. Everything *I* do is professional...

    It's okay. Nothing we do here is professional.

    • Nov 24 2016 08:26 PM
    • by ~Star~
  10. Rough Draft of Next PrOject

    Something I just started working on

  11. Sedated Trance

    This drank got me heavy...

  12. Promethazine

    I've been heavy into the drank again

    See me runnin up
    And I'll be pourin up
    Mix that fanta with that purp
    Sip up that purp up

    No I don't eat beans
    And no I don't smoke green
    Because all my homies really know
    I fiend on Codeine

    Lean machine
    Yes I'm a lean machine
    High on that Promethazine
    Say it one more time with me
    Lean machine
    Yes I'm a codeine fiend
    High on that Promethazine

  13. Music Waves

    Another song I made, I hope you enjoy!


  14. Sha (The Chosen Musician)

    Okay, that's enough 5-10 second loops on the recent song list for now... but I'll be back

  15. Tou (The Register of Life)

    Alright I'm done for the day

  16. Rin (The Soul Seeker)

    Unless you count Ping Xao, this is the first in a little series of very short, simple, trippy or atmospheric loops I'm gonna be doing. Props to whoever can figure out where the names are coming from

  17. Ping Xao (The Self Consumer)

    Do not have a fukkin idea wut to do with this

  18. Golem Boss Theme

    Sounds like a boss tune for like a golem or rock monster or some shit you would find in a cave or ruin, yknow?? Let me know boyzzz