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  1. Mega Man X: Storm Eagle

    Favorite song, least favorite stage. Kinda ironic, I think.

  2. Mega Man 2 - Quick Man

    Quick cover of a not-so quick song for a kinda-quick dance style.


  3. Mega Man 8 - Frost Man

    I could really go for a popsicle right about now.

    Recycled post.


  4. Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily's Castle.

    I took such a long time and I decided to cut the rest of the song out. But it sounds really good.

  5. Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily's Castle.

    Sorry about the ending if you noticed. I ran out of patience doing this.

  6. Crash Bandicoot x Mega Man - Stage Select

    Sorry I haven't been very active for the past few months. I lost Internet, so I'm kind of a sitting duck unless I'm at a friend's house. ._.
    Anyhoo, have this!


    Crash Bandicoot: N-Tranced - Main Theme

    Mega Man 9 - Stage Select


    And as always, thanks for listening!