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  1. Mega Man 10 - Polluted Pump (Pump Man) [v3]

    This song feels so jetlag.

    Watch on YouTube
    Inspired by Gencoil's cover.

  2. Mega Man X3- Gravity Beetle

    Easily the best song from X3.

  3. Mega man X - Storm Bird Theme

    sounds better in old player imo

  4. MegaMan Battle Network 6 - Title Screen

    A friend of mine requested this.

    Watch on YouTube

  5. Shadow Man (Mega Man 3)

    This is the classy theme of the Shadow Man stage in Mega Man 3! I'm back after about a solid year of college stuff. I hope you like it!

  6. Mega Man 5 - Proto Man's Castle (Dark Man)

    Watch on YouTube
    Complete Works

    Glitch found while composing this song:
    The key signatures get messy below the treble clef.

  7. Mega Man 10 - Cybersheep's Dream (Sheep Man)

    Baaah, biches.

    Watch on YouTube
    Inspired by teckwerks' arrange.

    Bug found while making this cover:
    The Fretless Bass goes off key at B1.

  8. Mega Man 10 - Absolute Chill (Chill Man) [v3]

    Had to try out dem windchimes.

    Watch on YouTube
    V2 cover
    Inspired by E-tank's cover.