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  1. Slightly Better Megalovania Recreation

    Updated so it sounds more, uh, accurate, I guess. Pretty much just trying to perfectly recreate megalovania for the most perfect fleenstones shitpost.
    Edit: Hold it don't press play yet until you've set your volume to 10% because I think I screwed up something.

    Edit 2: Reverted because the uploader screws with my brass section's volume control. fuuuuu
    -Old desc 2/3/2018-
    Mainly just to get used to long, tedious sessions of putting together instrument data from 30+ individual samples.
    Also for replicating some heavy metal like guitar, which kinda crashes and burns.

    (This over writes the older song because uploading stopped functioning and it's pretty clear starburst isn't coming on a miracle.)

    -Old desc 1/3/18 and before-
    Made with "that really gud undertale soundfont"

  2. Megalovania

    Took me months to finish this. Hope you like it!

  3. Megalovania (Galactic-Wide Edition)

    Alternate given name is AlterSmashInseroMortusTuberUnderSpongeGrandSiivaSwapTopicSpeedPeloYandereShiftGlamourTale - MegaloDynamiNessMeansBuisnessCerebralCaertaRevolutionPlanktoGrandSiivaBiblulusExeLivenMogoCultAsrielPapyruGlamourLovania, but that didn't really roll off the tongue as I liked.

    Oh, and I can assure you memes are present here

  4. Megalovania (Acapella Mix)

    [Insert Overused Memes]
    (Edit: Made "We are number one" sound louder)
    (Edit: Slightly nerfed "We are number one"'s volume, made second set of drums sound louder)

  5. Ωlovania (Omegalovania)

    this is mixed with a couple different versions/remixes of megalovania

    i hopes u like

    i also suggest using old player   V2 Remaster
    but it's not required or anything :P

    • Aug 04 2016 08:45 PM
    • by Zygote
  6. Devil2

    Reworked ´´Devilment´´

    • Apr 13 2016 11:42 AM
    • by Jason