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  1. Jeoprodized Trifecta

    Headphones encouraged.

    The idea was to have 3 separate guitars each playing a part worth listening to. Sometimes the no panning guitar does get relegated to a rhythm section but typically has a lead in addition to the panned guitars.

  2. Three Days

    Three Days by Dream Theater off the album The Astonishing.

    My personal favorite track off the album, albeit one of the shorter ones.

  3. Ready To Die


    Uploading like three more songs.

  4. 2 and a half minutes of some gosh dang riffs

    now with added noise!

    extra riffs included!

  5. the gates of bigboy

    trve drone
    yes its supposed to be muffled

  6. New Divide V3 Version - Unfinished (Quick Update)

    Tell me your thoughts on the V3 version of New Divide that I'm working on. This should sound better than the other New Divide I used to make. Do you guys remember that one?

    From Transformers: ROTF

  7. The Critical Blow

    Part of a mini series I'm doing I guess now

  8. Hemlyone the Dwarf Lord

    Fixed it, made a new s6, improved s1 copy

  9. Magick of the Secret Arcana (Mark M & Square Hammer)

    Been a while in the making, let us know what u think

  10. Hemlyone the Dwarf Lord (Missing S6)

    Another metal one, better or worse?

  11. Metal Lobster

    Bored one night, made this

  12. Calvary Charge

    Thrash tune I made

  13. Moth Into Flame (W.I.P)

    a work in progress

  14. Gigantomachia

    "...We raise our thumbs in disapproval"

    The second song I've composed for Notessimo. If "busy" described the last song, then no words in the English language exist that describe this. It took a lot longer to turn this from a jumble of pages into a coherent song, but I think this was worth the effort. My last note here is: I can't get through Chorus 2/3 without my computer lagging, so the only instrument that supports the main melody is the drums.

    To save you the trip to Google, Gigantomachia means "a fight between giants".

    Once again, thanks for your time, and enjoy the song. -The Arcanist

  15. Battalion of One

    "...Now the desert moon will shine"

    First track composed for Notessimo. It works off of 2 simple chord progressions, but it's busy enough that it shouldn't be overly noticeable.
    I've got a lot of questions about Notessimo, and I'm not entirely sure where I should be asking them; though, mostly, I'm worried about song ownership and rights. I'm wondering if I can use music composed in this software for a video game, particularly if I want to sell the game for a profit.

    Regardless, thanks for your time, and enjoy the song. -The Arcanist

  16. Gott Ist Tot(Antchrist War Mix)

    it´s intentiaonaly awful,so get over with it.
    Gott ist tot, es ist tot, Judean Gott
    Gott ist tot, es ist tot, Judean Gott
    Sohn ist tot, er is tot, Judean Sohn!

    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot [x4]

    **** ! **** ! **** ! **** !
    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot
    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot
    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot
    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot
    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot
    Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot

    • May 27 2017 06:22 AM
    • by TOGMD0
  17. Leather General

    Metal tune n shit

  18. Conflagration

    Old song I decided to finish today. Couldn't figure out the right instruments but I decided to go forward with it anyway.

  19. Djent

    Decided to post some songs I made a while back but probably won't ever complete. Notessimo save folder was getting a bit too cluttered :)

    • Feb 18 2017 01:03 AM
    • by ~Star~
  20. The *MOST* original

    wow nice original 10/10 not a cover 10/10 original

    • Nov 25 2016 11:52 PM
    • by ~Star~
  21. Custom Game Tune ~ Battle 1

    Well, I'm back into composing music. Let's start with a random battle theme! Let me know what you think.

    Made with V2.

  22. Awaken

    A doom metal song

    • Aug 12 2016 11:26 AM
    • by TOGMD0