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  1. Backdrop

    Made this months ago but didn't post it until now for many reasons.

    Have a nice day.

    • Feb 07 2017 09:14 PM
    • by Muci
  2. Not Quite a Rap Beat

    Loosely inspired by "Rap beattttt".

    Have a nice day.

    • Jan 15 2017 04:33 PM
    • by Muci
  3. Quick Thing in 7/8

    Haven't successfully wrote anything in 5 months, so I finally decided to take a piano piece I've started and put it on here rather than writing something brand new.

    Not finished, can't promise it will ever be but I do have more to work with this time around.

    Have a nice day.

    • Dec 26 2016 09:05 PM
    • by Muci
  4. Chamber Music


  5. Big Z (v.2)

    my cousin and i wrote this song

  6. Crystalis Fantasia (unfinished)

    Music from EBF4.
    Currently finding out how to do the next parts.

  7. Music Box theme (WIP)

    The music box theme from five nights at freddy's 2

    AKA my grandfather's clock

    Just don't forget to wind up the music box or else...

  8. Another Drum loop test

    One word, I used 600 BpM.
    I was bored so I made another test.
    Hope you liked this.

    • Apr 17 2015 08:59 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  9. A start of a beat (you can use it)

    This is a starting of a rythym that you can use in your own songs (please give credit though)  :razz:  :razz:


    Just the intro of what's to come.

  11. Motherland

    Short little rock piece I made. Enjoy

  12. No Mediocre Loop

    Im Back. Whats been going on guys?

  13. I had nothing better to do

    Lol.. My life is boring and I honestly had nothing better to do.

  14. Walk in the night

    My first Song. It's not that great.

  15. Over the Ghettos we Go

    Sounds familiar, but I don't know why...
    If this is a rip-off from something else, let me know; I wouldn't know. After all, It's just cafg.

    PS: I'm sorry for the weird backgrounds

  16. UBOA

    I'm sorry...

  17. Minesweeper (Unfinished)


    • Oct 06 2013 10:53 AM
    • by Idea
  18. 3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet Music Theme

    My favorite video game background music of all time.


    Okay.  I admit.  I used a midi to cover this.  I cheated.  Hey, at least it sounds good!  :)

    Let me know if you want the midi.

  19. Jamaican Me Crazy!

    A short catchy island tune (the finished version of Dee Jamaican Beat Mon!) I guess you could call it a loop. Delete sheets 0,1, 5, and three of the last sheet 4s for a full loop

  20. I am leaving Notessimo

    I am leaving Notessimo, but my account will still be up so you can listen to my old songs. I am now on Musescore.com, a free musical composition program. You can listen to my old songs on Notessimo, however I will not reply to comments or be active at all. If you want to keep up with me, you can contact my MuseScore account or my YouTube account. Goodbye everybody! It's been a great one!

  21. New divide by Linkin Park V2

    I fixed the first sax on sheet 7! ever since Verbist agreed with Ace's criticism and Verbist told me The first sax on sheet 7 is on the wrong note, and i fixed it! but I need more tips and criticism so I can fulfill my cover! :)

  22. It's Undone [Official]

    Look at me here! I'm on a roll! Making songs like mad, man! Or is that, like a madman? ...

    Anyway, What do you all think? any ideas or help?

    Comments and critics are always apprieciated!