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  1. Piano Stuff

    A weird glitchy piano melody with some background stuff

  2. Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2

    It has been over 10 years since this song came out on Newgrounds, and since then, people on here have tried--and failed--to produce a remix out of it. So, I decided to make a full remix of it. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2, The Legit FULL Remix.

    What do you think won? The guitar, or the piano? Leave your answer in the comments below!

    EDIT (8/7/17): Added a base to the guitar using Distortion Guitar #1.

  3. I Won't Give Up (Piano Only)

    I might need to split this whole piece into parts soon, and it's NOT gonna be fun!

    -The piano part may seem like it gets randomly softer and louder, just don't worry about playing it like that, it doesn't matter
    -yes, it sounds funky at 1:59, those three really weird chords are triplets, so they'll all fit into one quarter note.
    -When it seems like every note is held out for a long time, it's me trying to mimic pedal use, so use the pedal during those parts however you think is right.
    -No, there aren't any wrong notes, even if you think there are.
    -during the verse, while the left hand is playing A, play F# instead of F on the right hand, it's an accidental.
    -during the very start of the bridge, the piano part is playing FM,GM, CM (with the B thrown in to make it CM7), FM7, GM7. so there will be accidentals.
    -Holy crap there are a lot of things to say!
    -Final thing: when the chord is a little off-set, playing each note barely apart, don't play it EXACTLY how it is here, just try to roll over the chord bottom to top, making it more pretty and less harsh.
    -Sorry for all this junk!
    ALSO, you don't gotta play ALL this crap. Just tell me if you want to change something!

  4. Unleash The Beast (Don't)

    well the paino part to won
    and again
    eye right piano music
    because ei suk at other musics
    meye splein hsd evlvd halp

    • Jan 22 2017 02:34 AM
    • by Steve
  5. dudewhat

    i should spam wips less often. BAH!

    • Jan 18 2017 07:50 PM
    • by Skaia
  6. Quick Thing in 7/8

    Haven't successfully wrote anything in 5 months, so I finally decided to take a piano piece I've started and put it on here rather than writing something brand new.

    Not finished, can't promise it will ever be but I do have more to work with this time around.

    Have a nice day.

    • Dec 26 2016 09:05 PM
    • by Muci
  7. Rough Draft of Next PrOject

    Something I just started working on

  8. piano phasing

    the name's reich, steve reich

    • Aug 23 2016 07:11 AM
    • by Skaia
  9. (wip) i boiled peas today

    dont let me name songs

    • Aug 23 2016 06:30 AM
    • by Skaia
  10. Piano Comp. #9

    Piano Comp. #9

    #10 may eventually be a finished version of this piece.

    Have a nice day.

    • Aug 21 2016 09:15 PM
    • by Muci
  11. (WIP2) sleepwalk

    recycling oldies is my specialty
    latest version: 22-08-16

    • Aug 22 2016 07:24 PM
    • by Skaia
  12. (test) new piano? okay

    nobody knows im an sjw

    • Aug 13 2016 08:55 PM
    • by Skaia
  13. A song Dedicated to the fallen

    A song dedicated to my old Yamaha PSR-6... Its use to me has long passed and now i've got a new Piano. Sadly its a CASIO WK-200, but this is a good piano because it can plug into my computer using USB. Before i got this i piano I had a CASIO 2000; It was midi only and my midi to computer broke pretty much instantly. Also i just got a CASIO watch and i don't know what happened to my CASIO calculator.
    *EDIT* I forgot to mention i recorded the sound of the Piano and used it in the song.

    • Aug 09 2016 05:30 PM
    • by Steve
  14. Waltz Da

    Welp I found this song named "Not Worthy Waltz.note".... and after looking at the other one i made .... I decide to have another waltz.

    • Aug 09 2016 04:15 PM
    • by Steve
  15. David's™ Song

    This song was created by David™, who is totally real and not a fake person.So listen to what David™ has made for the world to hear with are ear holes.

    • Aug 08 2016 02:46 PM
    • by Steve
  16. Da Ria Re Go Go

    You know you think this title would mean something in another language, but the truth is that its just the result of smacking my hand against the keyboard and then forming words with what came out of that. SO the result is a weird title... but i think the song sounds awesome so who cares.

    • Aug 08 2016 02:33 PM
    • by Steve
  17. Da Waltz

    Why do all songs^Ive Made with a piano have da in them. IM NOT GERMAN.

    • Aug 09 2016 04:10 PM
    • by Steve
  18. Flower Dance

    Haven't arranged piano stuff in a while.


  19. Kraid's lair piano arrangement

    I've wanted to arrange this piece for a long time, it's simple, tho, but anyhow, i hope you like

  20. Friend OC theme.

    Ey, made an original song after a long time, hope you like it!

  21. The Specter Above the Drawbridge (UNF)

    I plan on making this an actual full length song, so feedback is wanted

  22. Ivory (Loop)

    Piano loop