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  1. Pokémon R/S/E - Rustboro/Mauville/Mossdeep City

    Take a minute or two to browse the shops.

    EDIT: People didn't like how the organs sounded, so I changed it a bit.

  2. Pokémon Gold/Silver Game Corner Theme

    This is bottom line my favourite Pokémon song to date, with my 2nd being SS Anne theme from Pokémon RBY.


    • Jan 09 2016 03:00 PM
    • by Flowey
  3. Pokemon R/S/E - Legendary Battle

    i did this in v2 so use the v2 remaster

    i did this quite quickly :)

    it's been a while since i literally posted anything (other than that weird lavender town shit)

  4. Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Route 101, 102, 103

    I used a MIDI file.

    EDIT: Antonim suggested I lower the flute by two octaves, so here it is.

  5. Pokemon R/B/Y Trainer Battle (4 hour edition)

    listen to the whole thing

    default player recommended

    holy crap 10217 measures

  6. Pokemon RBY Lavender Town

    There was a Time a few weeks ago where I wanted to have a go at making a game related song on Notessimo. So I chose Lavender Town and within a hour i was done, but when i went to save my chrome crashed. I thought, its fine i just do the thing over again, and when I finished the second time it crashed again. Finally I was so paranoid of it crashing that I was saving practically after placing one note. So, after many crashes, here is my attempt at Lavender Town.

    Also I am aware that there are other lavender towns much better than this on on the site, but I was determined after this experience to upload it.

    [EDIT] Forgot to mention Dude at the end of song.

    • May 31 2015 02:47 PM
    • by Steve
  7. Battle! Deoxys - Piano

    Use V3 Standard and preferably headphones as well.

  8. Deoxys Theme Unfinished

    Use v3 Standard and probably some headphones too
    Should I continue this or the Kanto Trainer Battle? I can't decide.
    Writing in 12/8 in v2 uses too much math :'(

  9. Pokemon R/B/Y - Trainer Battle

    some of my best work yet

  10. Lavender Town - Pokemon R/B/Y

    It's MY turn to make a cover now.

    This piece tells how the spirits who can't rest are put to rest from a miracle, and how Lavender Town becomes a peaceful sanctuary.

  11. ~Lavender Town

    This is my first song.
    I tried to make Lavender Town.
    A few parts are a bit off.
    I made my own ending.

    • Nov 23 2014 06:24 PM
    • by Frostt
  12. Lavender Town Remix REDUX

    My example to Timmy Vee from his remix of ViciousViridian... I just chopped his added parts to 16 measures per sheet. Thought it sounded better. Whaddya think, Timmy?

    Lol... I just removed Sheet 12 from the middle entirely. :P

  13. Pokemon Pallet Town Theme V. 1.0

    Pokemon R/B/Y Pallet Town Theme Version 1.0
    Please enjoy.

  14. Pallet Town - Pokemon R/B/Y

    Nostalgia breakdown?

    (Use V3 for best quality)

  15. Pokémon MD: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - Primal Dialga

    A friend of mine requested this.
    Watch on YouTube

  16. Pokemon R/B/Y Gym Theme (Piano Cover)

    Finally finished it!

    (Use in V3, otherwise will hurt ears)