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  1. Spacey

    Another uni game i did last year, which of course needed a song, good times ensued.
    I'm just finally getting around to publishing it here now.

    (V3 Legacy)

    Enjoy :)

  2. Creepy Tetris

    I was joking around with a uni friend sometime last year;
    "What if you were stuck in a game of Tetris."
    That is, you trying to avoid being crushed by the falling blocks.

    Then this happened.

    (45 seconds onward is pretty much just repeat btw)

  3. Ducky's River Ruckus

    (This was made as part of a game for a 2-person uni project; all art assets are done by myself)
    The title is supposed to be might still be too much...

    [If you're really link]

  4. Spectral Sentience (Closed Collab)

    I feel like this would be better off as a collab, so i'm now opening it up as one, just PM me if you're interested in collab'ing.

    Enjoy :)

    (It's a mystery who it's with, unless of course they want to say it)

  5. Home Stretch

    (Made in V3)

    This was a load of fun to make, it was done for some friends' racing game.

    Enjoy :)

  6. Shake It Up (Closed)

    The dankest song since Hungary Hungary Hippos


    • Jul 22 2015 03:52 PM
    • by User
  7. Tales of the Lost (Preview)

    An interesting little thing i made. (V3)
    Enjoy :D

  8. Abnormality (Challenge Accepted)

    The bass guitar barely even works in the new player.

    challenge: create a song where everything is un-normal. for example: flutes playing the bass line, snare playing the hi-hat pattern, timpani playing the melody, bass guitar doing chords, etc. something of that nature. i wanna see what turns out

    Challenge Accepted.
    What it actually is > What it does the job of
    Bass #1 > Chords
    Flute #1 > Bass
    Timpani #1 > Lead/Melody
    Tambourine #1 > Crash Cymbal
    Cymbal #1 > Bass Drum
    Snare #1 > More intense bass drum.
    Snare #5 > Hi-hat
    Drum Reverb #1 > Snare
    Closed Hi Hat #1 > Tom Drums

  9. Extinction (Preview)

    Made in V2 (You should also use the old player)
    Might have to abandon this purely because of the lag it produces in V2 full screen; definitely regretting hyper-speed at this point.
    (...and i'm not swapping to legacy cause it kills the song)

    Regardless; enjoy :D

  10. Drowning [Remastered]

    Twice the 'fun' :D

  11. Beyond The Horizon

    I guess it's about time i did one...this is my first v3 rock/metal song...or at least first one to be published.
    Enjoy :D

  12. Above The Clouds

    (Please listen in V2)
    Whoop whoop

  13. The Ghetto

    Enjoy :)

  14. True Friend

    When i made this song i had 3 people in mind, but one in particular who helped the most.
    I guess this is my way of saying thanks.

    (Today is also the 5 year mark for me on this site)

    Made in V2

    You helped me through my darkest times;
    Helped me to the light
    You guided me, through the cold and misery.
    I just want to say:

    You're a true friend to me
    I am in debt to you
    You're a true friend indeed
    I'd not have lived it's true

    You were there to help, to believe,
    To show me the way
    You helped me see it all;
    for what it is, for what i can, for what it all means to me.
    I thank you

    You're a true friend to me
    I am in debt to you
    You're a true friend indeed
    I'd not have lived it's true

    In the depths of my mind
    I couldn't see clearly
    But you were there
    To help me through

    I wouldn't be alive
    if you didn't come help me
    I know, and i thank you.
    For everything you have done for me;
    I survived.

    In the depths of my mind
    I couldn't see clearly
    But you were there
    To help me through

    And after all of this.
    I can't thank you enough

    You're a true friend to me
    I am in debt to you
    You're a true friend indeed
    I'd not have lived it's true

    You're a true friend to me
    I am in debt to you
    Through this storm i will push on
    I will survive it's true.

    Thank-you ChloƩ

  15. Life

    I made this originally as a soundtrack, but i have since extended and added to it significantly.
    Enjoy :D

  16. Coming Home (Preview)


    Should i finish it?
    Enjoy :D

  17. Nothing Left

    Enjoy :P

  18. Rebirth: A New Life

    This was made solely in V2, so i recommend listening with the old player.
    However i did make this with the V3 player in mind so both should be fine.

    Exactly one year ago, i started this massive project, so i thought today would be an iconic day to publish it xD
    I wouldn't class this as a song, but more of a concept album that all blends together.

    It was created around a story that i came up with and the idea of this was to represent that as best as possible without any words.
    That being said though, other people may imagine something completely different if they were to listen to it so i won't be posting the story (assuming other people visualise things from music).

    Long story short, this is a conceptual 39 minute long piece of music which has taken me countless hours over the last year to create (There were times where i took a break due to lack of inspiration, hence why it took longer than i thought).

    But finally, i'm excited to publish it.

    One last thing, i spent at least 100 hours on this, the least i can ask for is this:
    If you get bored of a section, don't skip the entire thing, just go to the next section.
    (The first half is quite slow, the second is faster)

    Enjoy :D

    Prologue: The Betrayal
    0:00 - 1:12

    Melancholic Twilight
    1:12 - 8:40

    Cyborg Enclave
    8:40 - 11:36

    A New Life
    11:36 - 16:48

    16:48 - 20:21

    Rise From The Underground
    20:21 - 21:57

    21:57 - 26:40

    Don't Die
    26:40 - 29:35

    29:35 - 33:44

    33:44 - 39:00

  19. The Hideout

    Just a short loop :P

  20. Warmness On The Soul (Instrumental Cover)

    My very first cover on Notessimo; Warmness On The Soul by Avenged Sevenfold off their first album, Sounding The Seventh Trumpet.
    Enjoy :3

    (There's some small inaccuracies with the drums and i ended up just improvising a little)

  21. Test Subject XN-999

    Please use the old player

    I'm a terrible person for delaying this for so long, but i just wasn't ready for something of this caliber at the time...hope this is good enough :3
    At least i tried.