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  1. We Will Rock You Vonlichten

    "I've been waiting to do this since 1982." - Sam Brenner, 2015

    This version of Queen's famous two minute song appears in the 2015 movie, Pixels, when Brenner is playing/fighting Donkey Kong. If you want to see my original cover, go to Cover --> 70's.

    Otherwise, enjoy!

  2. Never Gonna Give You Up

    The fact that nobody had covered this in its entirety was quite surprising, so I decided I'd do it :P

  3. Darude - Shrekstorm (Shrekoning v1)

    next one will have more storm, and more shrek

  4. Death by Poor Transcription Remix -| UNF |-

    Slow progress made but I need critique on this....
    and yes I know the transition sucks more than me

  5. Egysian Rock (Remix)

    It took me a while to get around to it Antonim but here it is. Can't say I didn't try


  6. Tetris Updated Remix (WIP)

    A work in progress of my new tetris remix

  7. MPG - Mayday (W0lfe Remix)

    An orchestral rock remix of one of my friend's songs.


    (also, quick shoutout to MPG, he not only makes amazing music like this, but also makes hilarious game reviews. I'd highly suggest checking out his channel!)

    • Jan 14 2016 02:40 PM
    • by W0lfe
  8. Pokémon Gold/Silver Game Corner Theme

    This is bottom line my favourite Pokémon song to date, with my 2nd being SS Anne theme from Pokémon RBY.


    • Jan 09 2016 03:00 PM
    • by Flowey
  9. Tetris Remix

    Inspired by Tetris Remix

  10. Tetris Remix

    Alright No Background this time cause that's what messed it up
    SO here is my Remix of the Tetris THeme

  11. Macuilxochitl v.3.3

    Remixed, short version this time.

    The rhythms are not easy to keep in tact. :C

    Also, pardon me for my bad drum skills.

    v3.1: Better hi-hats, added bass.
    v3.2: More balanced drumming
    v3.3: Even more balanced and better drumming. (+1 Frostonim)

  12. ~Melancholy Soldier (Star's V3 House Remix)~

    Woo yeah. This was a lot of fun to make. Nice to finally get a V3 song in too.


    (Also, first V3 remix of a V3 song? Hell, I don't even know if I've ever seen or heard of a V2 remix of a V2 song unless you count that mashup thread Roastmasters made)

    • Feb 24 2016 02:53 PM
    • by ~Star~
  13. happy birthday tsukasa

    couldn't bother finishing
    Posted Image

  14. Guile's Theme [Legacy Remaster]

    Updated for playthrough in new player.

    First finished song of 2015 for me lol.

    • May 10 2015 03:12 PM
    • by ~Star~
  15. Silver Lining (V3 Chorus Remake)

    Actually went back and redid this and added Antonim's suggested lyrics (with some alterations to actually fit the notes of course)
    Mostly made this just to prove to Dre that the song has plenty of potential to be better than it was in v2 :)
    The original: https://www.notessim...r-lining-r74292

    • Mar 22 2020 09:49 PM
    • by ~Star~
  16. Immoral Change

    I heard Timothy's song from three days ago and figured it could use some help. The intro drum beat is pretty bad, but I've always been trash at intros. Enjoy the part I wrote though, credit goes to Timothy for chord progression. I know nothing about music, other than what sounds nice and basic theory. Leave comments.

  17. Lavender Town Remix REDUX

    My example to Timmy Vee from his remix of ViciousViridian... I just chopped his added parts to 16 measures per sheet. Thought it sounded better. Whaddya think, Timmy?

    Lol... I just removed Sheet 12 from the middle entirely. :P

  18. A Soft Interlude (V3 Remake)

    So what do y'all think of this short little loop?

    • Oct 17 2014 09:34 PM
    • by ~Star~
  19. Stone Tower Temple Remix

    I made this in like, 10 minutes...

    USE OLD PLAYER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lost Painting/different version

    Lost Painting with a different spin on it.

  21. Blast Corps' Thunderfist Remixed

    My music ear hurts from listening too hard and my brain hurts from matching the sounds... so I got somewhat lazy and added my own twist to it. Luckily enough, I can call this my remix. :P I changed the song around so much, I think I made it sound better than original by mixing the MIDI version (/watch?v=gjvR0r65eKI) and the final version (/watch?v=76fMFyyWlVc) Hopes your totes your goats to enjoy! :D

    P.S.: My personal opinion is to use the old player... but the new player doesn't sound too bad.

  22. When the Saints go Marching in (Remix)

    I was bored. Really didn't do anything cool, just remixed a song that 4 year old kids know how to play on piano before they know their multiplication tables. Whatever. Keep that in mind cuz you should know this isn't really serious. I was just bored. Let me know what you think