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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog - End Credits

    Happy Belated, Sonic (the 23rd was the 26th anniversary)
    And as for the rest of you, enjoy the music!

  2. Snow Bros - Stage 1 (Floors 1-9)

    Honestly, if the soundtrack for this game wasn't as great as it was, I probably wouldn't have bought it. But I did. I bought it, played it, beat it, and I was just weirded out by everything I saw, tbh. Still pretty fun though. :P

    Anyhoo, as you'd have guessed, this is the first song you hear when you first get thrown into the game. Have a listen, would ya? ^_^

  3. Green Hill Zone(Genesis) V4 is finally here

    New update to my genesis cover. The level that started it all.


    Credit to SuperNintendoGameboy. I used the instruments from his cool genesis cover.

    • May 21 2015 08:40 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  4. Green Hill Zone(SMS/GG 8 bit) V4

    Well, new update now.

    No, I did not copy MrMPCPlatypus' Genesis cover. The Genesis cover I actually did was done by scratch. I used MY Genesis cover in an attempt to remake this song in 8-bit in my boredness.

    Let's talk about what I did.

    1.Fixed the Xylophones a little bit.

    2.Added the Kalimbas(I think I spelled it wrong) in sheets 9, 10, 5, 6, 7, and 8. (I had to redo the whole thing in sheet 8 because it sounded stupid in the last update.)

    3.Fixed up the bassline.

    EDIT: ALI=3NS said "Where's the chiptune..?" so I put "chiptune" in the tags. The 10 tag limit is to blame. XD

    • May 22 2015 07:47 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  5. Green Hill Zone(Genesis) V3!!!

    *cough, cough. yeah, I know. I forgot to post this unforgettable update.

    What I did:
    Removed the woodblocks(because ALI=3NS said they have no real effect.)
    Added the Nice glass and the Aahh on Sheets 8-9.
    Improvised the overall rhythm of the whole song.
    Made the pianos louder.
    Improved the bassline.
    Added the Title Screen background.

    • Apr 16 2015 02:24 PM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  6. Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone Act 1 - Unfinished

    I started working on Ice Cap Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3!
    Krawkyz wanted me to make it so I did. This took about a day to get working on. In the next update I will fill more stuff in.
    Use the old player because of the flutes in sheet 1.

    • Apr 15 2015 01:58 PM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  7. Green Hill Zone(Game Gear/Master System) V3

    Ok guys here is the latest update.
    I listened one more time closely at this vid:

    What I did:
    Fixed more notes.
    Replaced the Rhodes.
    Added the Ocarina in sheets 5 through 8.
    Made the whole song rhythmic.

    • Apr 15 2015 09:48 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  8. Sonic Green hill Zone - Game Gear/Master System V2

    An update to the GHZ 8-bit cover.
    What I did:
    Listened to Krawkyz. I couldn't quote it, but he said:
    Nice job, but you should fix some notes.
    So I did.

    I even listened to this. I Notessi-fied this song by ear.

    • Apr 14 2015 09:17 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  9. Sonic Green hill Zone - Game Gear Version

    Tell me what you think. I didn't Notessify it until now. Check it out, dude! The good ol' retro days you remembered when you were a child!

    Antonim, Here is my GHZ Game gear I started all over. I'll be sure to save all my files to my computer from now on.

    • Apr 13 2015 01:10 PM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  10. Green Hill Zone 2nd Update

    Version 2.0 of my last GHZ cover.

    What I did in this update:

    Replaced the crappy Snare  #1's with the cooler Snare #4's.

    Added woodblocks and made the musical score natural.

    Fixed some note lengths.

    Enjoy and give credit!! :cool:

    • Feb 06 2015 09:43 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  11. Shenmue II - Worker's Pier at Daytime (Unfinished)

    Another project I've started...
    I heard the "Shenai" instrument and it reminded me of Shenmue 2's BGM music.
    This is one of my favorite BGM... sometimes, I just stop and push "pause" on my Xbox controller and listen to it while doing something else. :)

    I need suggestions for instruments to use to give that ethnic vibe. The sitar is out of tune in V3... I can try and work with it. Other than that, instrument suggestions would be very nice to help me on my quest of completion. :)

  12. Sonic theme new

    I improved the sonic theme file and made it this way. Hope You Like it. :)

  13. Sonic theme

    Sonic Theme finally.

  14. Sonic theme

    Sonic Theme finally.

  15. Vs. The Deadly Six - Sonic Lost World (WIP)

    It's the newest threat in Sonic's newest game for the Wii U, Sonic Lost World. Although I've yet to play the game, I've tried the demo at Target. From what I heard, it's an okay Sonic game, but I still want to buy it once I get the chance. *This piece is currently a work-in-progress. More will be added as I progress

  16. Splash Wave - OutRun

    One of my favorite songs from this Sega arcade classic, OutRun. It's a driving game like Cruisin' USA or Cruisin' World if you've played that.

  17. Wacky Workbench (Past) - Sonic the Hedgehog CD

    Of all the Sonic CD songs, this is one of my favourites because of how funky it is. That's really all I have to say about it

  18. Coming Soon to a Notessimo near you

    I think some of you will get the idea of what song I'm doing next.
    And no, it's not Corneria from Star Fox.
    Release Date: Next Week
    Whenever Half-Life 2: Episode 3 comes out
    We'll see...

  19. Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's not just Nintendo I like despite it being in my user name. You gotta give credit to the blue blur every now and then, so I did Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1. The level that started it all

  20. Shadow the Hedgehog OST ~ Ending (The story is Over)

    Teary eyed song from the game: Shadow the Hedgehog. I covered this by ear. From what I know... I did use a little help finding what key it is...