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  1. Ням гараг (Tuesday)

    Another short chiptune one. Inspired by Dr. Dre's (unfinished) piece.

  2. Melody i thought of while taking a #2

    I'm not sure whether or not this came from someplace else or, if the melody got into my head just outta the blue

    • Jul 06 2016 02:40 PM
    • by Zygote
  3. Short V2 Loop

    4 measures... made it in like 5

  4. Maybe Boss Theme?

    A little short... but it will have to do

  5. Hysterically Short Loop


    Have a nice day.

    • Dec 28 2015 01:03 PM
    • by Muci
  6. Nugget #1

    A little loop I didn't care to expand upon

    ...I'm too stoned for this, good night!

  7. The Fourth International

    Its short. Originally supposed to be like 2 minutes, but I didn't know where to go from the Bb at the end. Sorry :P

    Also, this song is dedicated to Leon Trotsky

  8. Another Random Prelude

    Idk, I'm trying. :)

    Update: I FIXED THE PAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They Might Be Giants - Destroy the Past

    Let's go backwards and destroy the past;
    How long will your oxygen last?



  10. Short Riff Thing

    Just a riff I wrote for the lolz.

    If anyone wants to take the riff and make a song with it go ahead, just make sure to note where you got it from.

  11. Open Air [Loop]

    Since everyone releases their songs in the morning.

  12. A Short 4 Measure Loop


    a short loop
    I didn't know a title
    so that's what I called it :)

    (use the old player)

    • Jul 30 2013 01:56 PM
    • by Trevz
  13. An Ode to the Past

    A short song that I cannot for the life of me figure out a good way to continue.

  14. Carn-E-Val

    This is a song I wrote, it's ridiculously short but self contained.

  15. Epiphany Of Suspense

    Another short one by knightjumpsqueen. :-o

  16. Gallant Char [Mk. II]

    15th post.

    It's a short looped version of "Gallant Char" from "Mobile Suit Gundam".

    "A Zaku that's 3 times faster?! It must be Char!"

  17. Some Chords and a Melody

    Added a melody and some other bits to: http://www.notessimo...e-chords-r70975 by leifeday.  

    Short little thing I made in about ten minutes or so.  It was fun.

    Hope you enjoy it...

  18. Short "Nice" Loop

    I came up with a small loop of four bars that sounded good, check it out.
    (Try slowing it down to a tempo of 80 and/or 40 for a neat effect.)

  19. Fanfare

    Just because I haven't posted a song in a long time

    • Mar 11 2013 07:54 PM
    • by The
  20. Let it Rock loop

    Little short loop of Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolph