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  1. Uhh Yeah This Is V2 I Guess

    i wish i could make a real song but i can only make bad

  2. Battle Hardened

    Short V2 rock song.

    • Feb 19 2020 11:29 AM
    • by Dre
  3. Custom Game Tune ~ Battle 1

    Well, I'm back into composing music. Let's start with a random battle theme! Let me know what you think.

    Made with V2.

  4. The Terrible Loop

    umm yeah I'm not dead and here's this

  5. Short V2 Loop

    4 measures... made it in like 5

  6. Piano Revival

    hello I'm still here but I completely forgot to do stuff

  7. Pianoz

    I tried a thing...
    hey it's better than my last V2 thing (that doesn't say much but still)

  8. Pianoz

    I tried a thing...
    hey it's better than my last V2 thing (that doesn't say much but still)

  9. Symphony of Detunement

    I tried using V2 again... this isn't as good as I wanted it to be then it became a joke

  10. "Peaceful Music"

    a file from sometime in 2014.
    It's not on the website yet and it's probably the only thing of quality i made back then

  11. Yoctoseconds

    Special thanks to Mr. Verbist for letting me use this.
    I know the "MOAR COWBELL" in the middle doesn't fit in, but eh.
    *UPDATE* Some of the notes decided to mix up, so if anything sounds off, please inform me. Some of the Fs decided to drop down to Es, making life difficult. I've tried to fix most of this, but there may be patches. Thanks!

  12. Veetoo

    V2 is the tits in all due respect

  13. Creased


  14. "Sprite Crusade" (this is so old) [V2] [Collab with Holtreande]

    So I was looking through my old songs and found this unfinished collab. I then stalked looked through Holtreande's content and found the most updated version of it.

    Last updated Aug 26 2013 12:59 PM
    i'm so ashamed

    Not really finished but yeah kinda finished. I just need to get this off of my conscience since this is one of a few collabs I've dropped the ball on *coughcoughQVXIknowI'msorrycoughcough* and I actually kinda liked this song. Mostly "finished" out of guilt.

    I wrote pretty much all of the end way back in 2013. I just tweaked it so it is now listenable.  Holtreande, you're free to edit if you wish.

    Here's a cute unrelated image:

    Posted Image

  15. Death by Thrashing (UNF)

    idk. I just gave up on titles...
    Should I finish

  16. Green Hill Zone 2nd Update

    Version 2.0 of my last GHZ cover.

    What I did in this update:

    Replaced the crappy Snare  #1's with the cooler Snare #4's.

    Added woodblocks and made the musical score natural.

    Fixed some note lengths.

    Enjoy and give credit!! :cool:

    • Feb 06 2015 09:43 AM
    • by Jordan the Anderson
  17. Above The Clouds

    (Please listen in V2)
    Whoop whoop

  18. change

    use old player

  19. ¿Dragons? ♑


    A song for my best friend, as it was her birthday on the 30th of December. Sweet 16. I'm seeing her for the first time tomorrow in 2 weeks.

    This will be my last V2 song, and now can finally play around with V3!! *squee* So excited! I haven't had time to yet (or at least had time to make something somewhat cool).

    Hope you enjoy!