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Praise be to microsoft

18 March 2011 - 10:37 AM

Seriously, give all your praises to microsoft. All of them.

That is all.

You've all just been conscripted

10 November 2010 - 12:57 PM

Ok, I'm kidding of course, you don't have to help me with this if you don't want to*, but...

Here's the idea.

I want to make a guide to Notessimo - not things like where all the buttons are, and what instruments there are and what tools you can use (actually those things probably would be in there to an extent, but they're not the main focus). The guide's gonna be about musical theory - basically everything we as a community know about music and/or how it works in notessimo. You know, things like what kind of structures you use for songs, what instruments work well together, different ways to use them, different techniques you use for writing phrases or riffs, different ways you use volume/panning/note lengths - just anything you can think of that you use to help yourself write a song. Oh, and so guitarskills doesn't complain, there might be a section dedicated to actual technical music theory things like scales and intervals and that kind of thing.

I'm gonna put the finished compiled guide into a .swf (you know, like a game - like notessimo) and make it interactive, y'know, with different sections and pages and buttons and drop down menus and shit. Maybe when Starburst gets round to finishing notessimo up, he might make it somewhat official? I think it'd be really useful for newcomers to both music and notessimo, so that they can see the different methods and ways of thinking us distinguished users... use. It'd probably be good for the community too - swapping different ideas and such might contribute to the amount of songs made around here, and god knows we need that. You're already doing it - I've only seen a select few individual songs around here, most of you have paired up for collaborations with about 5 other people (yeah, I'm guilty of it myself - which is a little bit the reason I've given up on them - although mostly it's laziness).

So, your job is to write the content. I've already got most of the stuff written about how the interface works and basic things like volume, panning, layers, sheets etc. so don't worry about those, if you're going to write anything.
Anyway, this is as good a starting point as any, so start posting stuff below if you're interested. If this is in any way successful, I'll compile everything after a while and zshuashzhsh (never found out how to spell that word) it up a bit in flash - if not, I'll take the hint and we'll drop this.

*actually, I'm lying. Now put down that alcoholic/carbonated/distilled/water based/what the hell are you drinking? ...beverage, turn off the TV and WRITE DAMMIT

If you're all going to go for what I think you are, I want you to go to kuler, pick "compound" (so the schemes work together, despite colour differences), then move the big white circle and ONLY the big white circle - although do feel free to go nuts within those set parameters. Upload a screenshot like this (imageshack, photobucket, etc - make sure the numbers are showing along the bottom (like in my screeny) so I have easy access to the colours when I'm designing the flash). Wallah - your own personal colour scheme (oh, and try to avoid something too similar to someone else's if you can help it). RULES CAN BE FUN TOO


29 May 2010 - 03:52 PM

heh, I've never made a topic before, this feels kinda cool BUT ANYWAY WHAT THE FUCK

I tried to listen to some embedded songs (just on these forums) and instead of them loading, they just got past the initialising stage and then at the top of the actual flash app (comment added in foresight: oh quit whining Muselline) it just said

embeds will work in a few days when this comes out of beta [smiley face]

Although I can't print screen because it isn't happening now (I can listen to the songs), but that's definitely what it said (close enough, anyway)

Is Notessimo 2 progressing towards release stage? Has the time come to spread our legacy to the world and more importantly, the internet? Or are my embeds working again because they took the message down because they decided they needed more time? OR IS THIS ALL JUST A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX?


P.S; I don't know if this has actually been brought up yet, because no matter how hard I try I don't seem to be able to have read every single thread in every forum like you crazy cats manage to do, so I'll delete this thread if it's been talked about before this