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A test group, do whatever you want here...

  • Members: 7
  • Created: 30-December 11
carrot. and the vegetables

Join the kitchen as we discuss things like YouTube videos I find and more!  I hope to have a fun time!

  • Members: 17
  • Created: 04-September 12
The Halloween Group


  • Members: 4
  • Created: 05-October 12
Video Games


  • Members: 17
  • Created: 03-November 12
Notessimo Community Collab 2012

The group for the 2012 community collab. Join the group if you want to be part the song!

  • Members: 24
  • Created: 11-November 12


  • Members: 4
  • Created: 18-December 12
What do you think?

In this group, I will post topics and I want to see your side on the topic.(aka yes or no).

  • Members: 15
  • Created: 31-March 13
Art Week!

Hello Fellow Artists! I will be posting some of my youtube vids here! Please go to my youtube channel and subscribe, like, share, and comment on my vids!   

  • Members: 13
  • Created: 03-June 13
Apocoloptogon Central

Hello, this group is dedicated to the Apocoloptogon family (which includes me). Here we can discuss all Apocoloptogons and their characteristics. We still hate burnt toast but we are going to lay l...

  • Members: 23
  • Created: 03-June 13
V3 General

Group to discuss the ongoing V3 Beta. Testers only, need Admin Approval.

  • Members: 37
  • Created: 19-December 13
the cool guys

we make techno n shit. join, if you think ur gool enuf

  • Members: 2
  • Created: 16-May 14
In the News

In this group we will be discussing news topics, politics ect. There might be debates. let me know what you think. This used to be a secret headquarters but I opened it up to everybody.

  • Members: 4
  • Created: 06-July 14
We Want You!

WWY WeWantYou !

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 17-July 14
Notessimo Confessions

In this group you will see confessions of notessimo members, maestros, moderators, and admins! you can submit a joke or pun, silly story, plain ol confession, who your crush is, whatever. I will be...

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 23-November 14
Official Game Night Group

Official Game Night News, Discussion, Suggestions, and Sign-Ups are all found here!GAME NIGHT SCHEDULE: http://www.notessimo...night-schedule/   CONTACT INFO:  http://www.notessimo...ct-i...

  • Members: 14
  • Created: 05-June 15
Collaboration abomination

I just wanted to start another big collab thingy. I don't think people want another Community collab, but for the heck of it if you want to do a collab that is created by a bunch of people, JOIN! I...

  • Members: 7
  • Created: 08-June 15