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In Topic: What are your plans to go on summer vacation?

29 September 2020 - 06:07 PM


I'm thinking of visiting another state. That state is 'Denial'

In Topic: I'm Notessimoing and I take with me...

02 August 2020 - 10:19 PM

A tadpole, a goat, my stupid homework, a dead carrot, a Ferrari, a spare glue stick, a marching tuba, a stick raccoon, toothpaste, a laptop, a gift card for a subway sandwich, three dolphin abdomens, an iPod *while playing tiny tower*, underwear, a crab, a trap, a box of chocolates, an ostrich egg, a shoebox, a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, a truck, a black cloak, a baseball bat, soap, a smart bomb, a smart bomb disarming device, a Shamwow, a quark for my butt in case my "Get Out of Jail Free" card is invalid, a Samsung smartphone, a sandwich, hamburgers, a pair of 80's blue converses, Preparation H, extra lives, a copy of this list, $1,000,000, a hare, a hunting rifle, three brainwashed war veterans to help me acheive my goals for ultimate conquest, Nicolas Cage's D.N.A Samples, a toilet seat, pumpkins, Achmed the dead terrorist, F#, a pineapple, bread, lottery tickets, a J.T.Ripper pole (with my remaining tears), a grapevine, my Vibraphone, a bottle of non-alcoholic whiskey, a sheep, Lady Gaga's meat dress, the French, second base, a cell phone, Rainbow Dash's tears of sorrow, an infectious disease, a cure for Nuse's infectious disease, a nightmare, regret, B major, Strings #3, a captured Uragaan, The Key to Rapture, Synth #2, a brick, Metal, a "Winsor and Newton" watercolor travel set, my BMX, a Gravity Hammer, a plasma grenade, a Hidden Blade, Altaïr's sword, a "Merckx" race bicycle, a Dispenser, Sasha, Dracula's Ashes, 300% volume, a life, Flandre Scarlet, Skrill-x, a 6-pack of sodas, a bandgun, ghost pepper, a notice that reads "only one item per person please", a flamethrower to burn said notice, another flamethrower to burn said flamethrower, a boiler, a deboiler, Russia, Switzerland, a dubstep kitty, heavy metal goldfish, Rule #34, censor bars, a Dinosaur bone, my School, a computar, a flask, a vial, steampunk weaponry, a castle, a javelin, a Stinger, technopolis, an overhead view, Low Piano #1, a packet of warning points, a maggot-ridden zombie brain, Vampire brood, a sin, a Wyvern Tear, my "Alloy HighTech Freyus" bike, oxygen, an alarm clock so carrot. can wake up and finish his homework early, a second baseball bat, a bue shell, my Wii, Bowser, another box of chocolates in case I finish my first box, Synth Bass #1, a flower for the awe-inspiring Llama queen: ClearwaterSapphire, a cooler, Sven Nys, a handheld portal device, a tricycle, the power, a box of grammar, a noisy kid, a box of soundproof glass to keep said noisy kid inside, two sharp sai knives, some blood, a band-aid for Nuselline's woun, a pair of kunai, a sweater in case it's cold outside, my black tuque, a pair of shades, a neon sign, a worn-out scroll wheel, a Red Merckx Bike, the Mach 5, bulletproof glass, a smaller font size, a Giant font size, a whetstone, Touhou, a magestic celestial panda bear, rule #63, a new face, some napkins, a burden, Flandre Scarlet's basement, a death note, a strap-on, a 40-year-old virgin, a condom for Tsukasa, a ban hammer, a colourblind person, The Terminator, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas, the key, this topic we are posting in (if that's possible), social activity, my Twilight stuff, some pins to use the Edward Cullen poster as a dartboard, a glow-in-the-dark condom for Tsukasa, a sticky note for Aliens saying "You must be obsessed with Tsukasa and condoms aren't you?", a strings orchestra for Nuselline, a golden glow, a Hall of Fame for Ace's covers, a saddle for leifeday, a homework-completing brobot for Tsu, a little sister, my cowboys, ALL THE COMIC SANS IN THE WORLD!, a snowman, an old accordion, The Great wall of China, The Empire State Building, dubstep Fat Fonts, a notepad to write all this stuff down, my spooky tests, snowballs, another Ferrari to race another Ferrari, a small font, a Creepy Harpsichord, the Offended page, brain cells, a Japanese version of Blargzargo Hlaaluington's name phonetically typed (ブラレグザレゴ ヘラルイングトン), a time out chair, a penalty botox, Dio Brando, spam, an Opel Corsa C, Dio Brando saying, "ZA WARUDO!", a 4th Generation Chevrolet Impala, the annoying orange, Ace1257, a viewtiful scarf, two tablespoons of blood, a table covered with blood, two of everything, an Alfa Romeo 2+2, a somg by TV that will burst your eardrums, a reminder to ggfchl that he spelled Song wrong, a Ford C-Max, a cassette tape, PASTAAAAA!!!!!!!, a Creepy Harpischord*, a computer mouse, a computer keyboard, the Oxford Comma, my Oxford Youngland girl Bicycle, my two front teeth, a Van De Graaf Generator, a headshot overkill, Lil Cal, the Vice Kings, another brick to put next to the first brick, a magic wand, a trash bin for spam and spammers, footage of Sonfax making out with Tsukasa, an Exotic Spleen (oh god that's disgusting!), Michael Rosen, Bing Crosby (wait, who's this douchebag?), a bullet to the head, pissed off moderators, an unlimited amount of earbuds/earphones so i can replace one after they break because of 300% volume songs, a truck full of time out chairs, a homing missile aimed at Sonfax and Tsukasa to Pwn Bieber & his imposters, a bucket of melted cheese, Sample Textand a Rake to make Albert & Pauwels fall a mask that changes Ace's voice to sound like Darth Vader, nitroglycerin pills, Side skirts for Wolfe's Ford GT, a dirty window & a wet Wipe to wipe Aliens' dirty window clean, the world's largest gummy worm, a joint, a Bazooka gun for Aliens Exist =3 to push my back with, $$$$$$$, an absorb shield, 8 My new Random Drum Solos a brick wall, frosty fruits a mop spongebob squarepants, some butter for sonfax and tsukasa, a guitar stand for Ace's guitar, Teddy Bears, Ponies in human form, the Wearable Instruments Shirt, math books, ♫ Myyyy Gun ♫, a Renault Alpine A-110, the numbers 1-10, DrumPants (What are these I don't even), a museum for Ace's Drawings, an award for George's self portrait, a new page, ;__; tears in my eyes... *sniff*, a mop, the Warhammer of Zillyhoo, a gorilla suit, the dragon scroll, What I've Done, Slim Jims, "The Sharpenking Musical", instruments to put in my museum, everything X10, a temporary tattoo, hate, 10 tons of spam, better grammar (because some people are too lazy to edit), 3.14159265358, a lock-on sentry turret, a Toy engine, a bunch of people doing the Harlem Shake, a locked topic, a bunch of people doing Gangnam Style, yet another spoiler, armour-piercing rounds, a Terribly tuned Triangle Wx#1 sample, a toolbox*, OBJECTION, Apollo Justice, Lance Armstrong, the walking dead, Michael Jackson, a Smoker's tongue, a rabbit's foot, TEN TONS OF BACON!, a belt sword, my signature, my avatar and the movie "Avatar", a multiple choice question, Chuck Norris, a jar of bile and a large barrel, tree sap, eight more words in this really long list, 't Verloren Gat, ~, William Shakemilk, google plus, Jimmy Gibbs Jr's Stock Car., the letter "x", my stupid earfuck song, "♀", Narwhal blood, a Headexplode, a ☺miley face, a Facepalm, ÜBERCHARGE!, the game to pwn the Vending machine!, Strobes and a sign which says: 'forcing Aliens to make a Techno song', tomorrow, ⑨Cirno⑨, Some burnt toast, Cow milk, The 9 Hlaaluingtons (Blargzargo, Blogordozaro, Buglogozaro, Bashinizaro, Bigalogozaro, Balonadozaro, Bibalobozaro, Gomaromazargo, and Bararremexizaro), ice cream, all of the Apocoloptogons, MORE BURNT TOAST, a water gun, my collab with Blargzargo (PotDSSKoNH), Yukari Yakumo, a DUCK, a broken keyboard and tools to fix the broken keyboard, a new keyboard, YuugenMagan, a Jarate, a clown, a Roland Prelude, a whole lot of text, Thomdon, Shinki, a TREK Mountainbike, etc., some skateboards, Sakuya Izayoi, a million bottles of beer on the wall, my Megaman inspired song, a sign that carrot brought that says, "I censored this whole list.", an afro ninja, some red text, some blue text, a rainbow, black text, Apocoloptogon Brand Bacon, Kagerou Imaizumi, MY 500TH POST!!!!!, a party to celebrate Apocoloptocopter's 500th Post, Tsukasa's Cumstache, quotes for that because I said that first, Steel-toe shoes, time to uncensor the list, my thread about keyboards, Herpes, All that jazz, herpes, a tetanus shot for alien's herpes, a big ass backpack to fit all these things, time to uncensor two more words, the leaning tower of pizza, a cow's udder, a necromancer to revive this thread, a happy christmas executor, a lonely alien, the complete full-access seasonal pass to Notessimo V3, some big green text in comic sans, the skeleton BROTHERS!, (whatever the fuck this said), my latest mixtape, a partridge in a pear tree, 1738, tooth decay, sorry comic sans, a font not many people will actually see, a Great Wall of Chine, the default font, 1/0, a tanning bed, an unfortunate font, too many puppies, the THX Logo, my Dora the Explorer alarm clock, a pink guy, salamander man, the dankest of memes, some hotel decaf coffee, a bottle of aquafina, the Asymmetrical logo from 1993, a copypasta, the Viacom V of Doom, a V3 sample of a dying cow mooing, Dark Souls III, spoilers for The Force Awakens, a ticket to the Notessimo Museum which features stone sculptures of current past member's faces along with listening stations for featured songs, dat boi, the word 'and', the next page, green 24 pt. Comic Sans text, a will to live, some memes to inject, antonim's face reveal, a necro-post to continue this thread in 2020, Cock and ball torture (CBT), financial compensation for Mesothelioma, a bruh moment, and le epic may-may, this wall of text, the last post, and the terms and conditions for the copy of ableton you illegally downloaded

In Topic: Potato to 5000.

26 May 2020 - 08:47 PM

5004 can someone change the name?

In Topic: Potato to 5000.

26 May 2020 - 12:27 PM


In Topic: Potato to 5000.

25 May 2020 - 03:59 PM