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25th April to 1st May New Features Poll

25 April 2020 - 04:07 AM

Alright, sorry for being a day late but here's the new open poll for songs to be newly featured this month. Same standards apply as before, you can submit as many songs as you like, no restrictions, and you can also vote for as many songs as you wish. We already had a few submissions before I made this poll so I'll be adding them to the poll.


Community Feedback on the (Now Closed) 25th-31st March Features Poll

24 March 2020 - 11:19 PM

So I'm gonna kick this off with a new topic. Fill this thread with songs you think ought to be featured and I'll add them to a poll. It will be open until the 31st of March, at which point the thread will be locked and the votes will be tallied.

For now, there's not really any guidelines for us to follow since this is the first thread of this type since Notessimo came back to life and thus I'd like to run it as a pseudo-test to see how much interest there is and what info we can gain for next month's poll. So for now, anything goes, you can submit as many songs as you'd like (be sure to add links and not embeds for posts with multiple songs please!) and you will also be able to vote on whichever songs you think should be featured (one vote per song). At the end, we'll have a tally and see which songs got the most votes and discuss what the bar for featured songs will be as mods, at which point there will be an announcement.

I'll be participating here as well, with the first two submissions:

~CC2017~ Official Thread

14 January 2017 - 07:52 PM

~CC2017 Thread~

Participant List (as of the 17th of Feb):


  • No one's part is to be edited in any way, shape, or form once it has been submitted, excepting the original user either consents or desires to change it themselves after posting. Each part should be copy/pasted into a single sheet to save space.
  • We will be composing using V3 Standard
  • User-Generated samples will be allowed at each user's discretion (note that this adds space to your file size).
  • Each user will be allotted a set amount of megabytes of space they can add to the collab. That amount is equal to (25-intro size in MBs)/n, where n is equal to the number of participants in the collab. Currently you have ~1 MBs to play with, if you go over you will need to find ways to save space.
  • When you complete your part, just post it directly to the forums. The next user can download it from there.
  • We'll be using the cc2012 method to determine the who/what/how of making the song
  • Users will be assigned their part at random DONE
  • Each user will have 2 weeks to complete their part. If you fail to complete your part in your allotted time, you will be skipped.

Actually, the Notessimeme snaps in two.

27 February 2016 - 09:49 PM



Star's "Request a Critique" Thread

28 May 2015 - 01:39 PM


So now I have a thread for this.



(follow them or DIE)

  • No unfinished works please. I comment frequently on unfinished works with ideas for how they should continue but I save my full reviews for completed works.
  • I'd say something about covers vs original works here but it seems redundant. I would prefer critiquing remixes to straight covers, as covers aren't meant to really add anything to original works.
  • I put a lot of effort into my reviews, so please be patient with me if you have requested one. I'll update this post with any songs that have been posted as soon as I can and I'll get to your song whenever possible.
  • I will reserve the right to not review your song. I will indicate this in a post on this thread. Please don't hate me ;_;
  • I like rules a lot btw
  • Also, don't always expect a full review from me either. I probably will be way behind the number of songs that get requested, which means that I may have single posts in which I review more songs than one, in a smaller format, to save time.
OH YEAH BTW my reviews are on a 0 to 4.5 scale, kinda like Roger Ebert I guess. So when you get a 3.7/4.5, just remember that it scales to a score of 82/100. or 4.1/5

I'll probably add like 50 more rules later so yeah.


Key for the list:

☆ <--- this star will be used to indicate songs on the list I intend to do a full review on. Again, don't hate if your song isn't one of those.

Songs with be posted in order of request date, higher songs will have been requested earlier.

A second list will be kept with songs I have already reviewed, with the link going to the review (My reviews should have links to the songs in them, something I've been meaning to do for a while).

I'll use the strike through effect to indicate songs which have been requested but I do not intend to review. See above.


MellifluousMelodyMaker - Golden March

Blargzargo Hlaaluington - Guile's Theme

Hellstick - Viperfish

MellifluousMelodyMaker - Breaking Worlds

QVX - Drowning [Remastered]

Anthony - Light and Magic

Aliens - Ethereal Tyrant

QVX & Antonim - Shake It Up

Yay your song got reviewed!

Heh, My first review (back when I was a wee lad)

XD I used to be pretty harsh back then http://

Hey we used to have a critique thread back then too!

Roastmasters/DarkDan12 - Singularity

DarkDan12 - Enigma

DarkDan12 - Tempest

Roastmasters/DarkDan12 - Industrial Revolution

Sandalman3000 - Identity Zero

Nuse/QVX 797 - Neoteric Flow

Nuse/QVX 797 - Neoteric Flow

Kaveman - In My Defense

Nuselline - Nonhuman

Kaveman - Underworld

Nuselline - There is a Place (V1)

Nuselline - There is a Place (V2)

Nuselline - Utopia (OMG THE FIRST REVIEW WASN'T A 4.5 WTF)

Guitarskills - Crimson Ion, Scarred Peace, and Moonless Bliss

QVX 797 - Cursed

QVX 797 - Drowning (So we see the beginnings of a more organized review format)

Fishrocker - 372 Days

MrTeddy6564 - Caketown (Loop)

Nuselline - Distraught

QVX 797 - Tranquility (ooh pretty colors)

Sandalman3000 - Take My Time

Clearwater - OneTwoThreeADVENTURE

Hellstick - Get Hammered (Post #4)

Cartrox, SuperPickle, and Antonim - Emotion

Antonim - Melancholy Soldier

Dr. Dre - Golden Rivals

Hellstick - The Tarrasque Rises

QVX - True Friend

ALI=3NS - Reanimation

Hellstick - Midnight Rush (Original Mix)

Hellstick - Limit Breaker