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Nice to see some of you guys have met some of the Failsafe members. And as expected, it wasn't a good meeting. Ohh well.... What can ya do right? Updated 25 Jul · 11 comments

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Well seeing as this is a new forum for me, and how most of you don't know me, I think it best that I use this from my old forum. These are a collection of accomplishments and also friends that I've made in my last two forums, and You probably won't know half the people I'm talking about here, but I'll still mention them. Another accomplishment  was becoming a moderator of the Failsafegames webstie. I was happy to become one, because I love to keep the forums free from any problems. Ya know what I mean.


Accomplishments: What have I accomplished here? Well starting from the beginning as a noob a few months into the games existence, my probability for making a name for myself wasn't all that high. However, that didn't stop me, I've managed to accomplish co-creating one of the game's best gangs (LCN), and made my own gang that is quite successful (VOD). Other than that, I have managed to get over 1000 likes, both for my artwork and my comments.

Likes: Now you might ask me why likes are so important to me. Well here's the reason. For the first part, I especially love it when an artwork post I makes gets likes. This is an inspiration for me to continue to make more, knowing that people enjoy it. Then, there's just normal posts and comments. I've mentioned this earlier to DJ when he asked me why I liked getting likes, and this was what I told him. "It's not just that I like getting likes, it's just that it's one of my few purposes here. I wan't to be remember for my words, and the influence they had on people, not just on how good I was in DM or the Hood." Most of you can probably see some sense in this when you see my comment count. I comment a lot. So just like it says if you scroll further up to the comment I made in red, you will see that I want to be remembered for the things I say.

Inspirations: Well, if I were to add all of you here it would be way too long, so if I forget to add you, please do not feel bad about it, I'm only human you know. My inspirations are quite a lot, so lets start the list here:

Firewolf and Killer and Fire: These two kinda go hand in hand since they were the two girls who inspired me to do artwork. Without them, I never really would have looked into the concept, and I wouldn't have had so much fun working on them. Thanks you two.

Jane: Alright, so I bet this is not at all a surprise to you seeing as Jane is always an inspiration to everyone. But let me tell you why she is an inspiration to me. As most of you know, I really don't like getting angry, nor do I enjoy raging. Jane has always been a person who has been there and without even trying, just completely alleviates me of all the stress I have. She's a great person to talk to, and she's probably the nicest person you can meet.

Coffee_Rider: Coffee was the one who when I first saw, I was like "Man, I wish I could do what he has done." I was amazed at the fact that he had made such a successful gang (BIA) and had some of the best players that I always saw, but never really got to meet. So I told myself after meeting Coffee for the first time, that in the future, I was gonna make a successful gang just like him. Guess it worked out.

Razer: And why the hell not? Thing about Razer is, as he has told me before, he's actually pretty smart. He fools you with the goofy attitude, but he's a really smart guy. How else do you think he's so good at DM, even when he has bad connection. He knows what he's doing, and how to do it. It makes him such a good mentor, and player. He taught me few tricks too, which is why he is more or less my mentor.

Darkness98 or DeMatrix: Dem has always been a great friend, trustworthy, and reliable. He's like my right hand man really, I can always count on him to take care of things that I can't do, and I know that I will always get great results from him. More than that, he is a great friend, to me and to his bros.

Agent Graves: In the time when this game was still a great game, Agent Graves was probably one of the best business men you could find around. He knew how to make money as quick as possible and helped me out by agreeing to be my business partner. What I really liked about him, was the fact that I always knew exactly where to find him, and we would spen loads of time talking about the direction in which this game was headed. I wish he were still here.

DJ-Tricky: Baby dude. Who could forget this guy. Always talking about babies. But when it came to certain times, he knew when to get serious, and when to make sense. He's given me some great advice over the time I've known him, and he's also been someone who wasn't afraid to share his thoughts..... Most of the time. XD

DandY and Rokuro: This one is a tad bit stragne judging by my last talk with Rokuro, but it doesn't change the fact that he and Dandy had a big role to play in why I am the person I am right now. If not for those two, I would never have become as prominent as I am today, and I owe most of it to them. My co-gang founders.

Vinnie 35: Well. He's probably the best training partner I've ever had in the game. He's what I conseder as my even match. Usually people find it hard dealing with my Sniping, but with his tactical play, there's always a real challenge.


Hater's Gonna Hate




I am SnapShot, the Master of Demolition.


I'm a bit of an artist, so here's some of my artwork. 







Feel free to visit again.

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